Mary Grace Harris, Tech Assistant

Technician Assistant

Mary Grace first joined our hospital as a volunteer in 1997. After graduating from high school, Mary took a course in livestock management and worked on a dairy farm for almost 6 years. She was hired on at our hospital in August 1999 and worked her way up to her present position as a Technician’s Assistant.

Pets: A love bird named Papaya, a cockatiel named Ruffles, one cat named Tonka, three dogs -Castaway, a Border Collie / Terrier Cross and Esme and Vanquish are whippets. Mary also takes in all the orphaned animals that are brought to the hospital.

Hobbies & Interests: Castaway is retired from the flyball team called Instant Replay. Esme is currently on the team and Vanquish is in training. Mary loves going camping, visiting the farm she used to work at and raising orphaned animals. Mary also has her standardbred groom licence and loves helping her boyfriend who is a horse trainer at the races.