• Sep 01 2022

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    Ginger Cats: What makes them unique is beyond coat-deep

    For ages, people have claimed that a cat’s appearance and behavior depend on its breed. But how helpful is this considering that 98% of cats aren’t purebred but rather an amalgamation of several…

  • Aug 25 2022

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    Monkeypox and Pets

    It’s all over the news: the monkeypox virus is transmissible to animals and causes similar symptoms, like skin rashes and lesions, as it does in humans. Now, pet owners are wondering what they can…

  • Aug 11 2022

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    Immunization: The Core of Your Pet’s Preventive Healthcare

    Immunizations, or vaccines, are one of the greatest medical discoveries – they fundamentally changed modern medicine. Starting with the smallpox vaccine in the 18th century, vaccines continue to be…

  • Aug 04 2022

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    Dogust 4th is International Assistance Dog Day!

    Dogust (a.k.a. August) 4th marks International Assistance Dog Day – a day to recognize assistance dogs and their dedicated caregivers and trainers, and to help educate the public about the…

  • Jul 28 2022

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    Could Your Pet Be a Life-Saving Hero?

    Yohann, a three-legged rescue greyhound from Scotland, was recently recognized for saving the lives of 64 dogs. He doesn’t have any superpowers—he is a blood donor. Pets, like people, may require…

  • Jul 21 2022

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    Blue-Green Algae: Danger Lurking in the Water

    It’s HOT out! Heat waves seem like the best time to take the pooch to a pond, lake, river, or stream, where she can get some exercise while staying cool and hydrated. Ironically, it may be the worst…

  • Jul 14 2022

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    High Tech for Pets: Friend or Foe?

    The pet technology industry is booming. In 2021, it generated USD 1.41 billion in revenue and is expected to rise to USD 3.65 billion by 2030. While some features can enhance a pet’s quality of…